We team up with the Spanish brand KiSSe, known for its prints by kids,  for a very special collaboration!
Let your drawing be the protagonist of a capsule collection SS 2020 SCIMPaRello by KiSSe.
The theme is “A summer at the seaside”.
Draw the ocean and its creatures, surfers on their surfboards, swimmers and boats or whatever you imagine from mermaids to pirates…
🐠 🧜‍♀️ ⛵️ 🏄‍♂️

We will print the winners drawings on a t-shirt, a dress, a beach bag, a swim short and a lyrca.

Here below the rules to participate at our contest:
1. You let your kid know about the contest, find out if they want to participate as a designer.
2. You have until the 3rd March to produce your pieces of art.
3. Scan the piece of art, fulfill the form on the landing page and attach it to the site, accepting the Agreement. The last point is very important!
4. Cross fingers!
5. We will notify the winner on 8th March.
The winner will be awarded with a selected piece of the capsule collection.
All participants will get a discount code to receive  20%  to shop the capsule collection SS20.
“Sustainability is our motto, for the people who works with us, for our collaborators, for the people who wants to wear our clothes, for the garments we produce, for our world.”

Christina Altuna, fashion designer, has created KiSSE to be a creative reference in children’s fashion as a brand empowering kids and family bindings.

All garments are produced in the Iberian Peninsula in a sustainable way, paying special attention to the quality of materials, fabrics and finishes. Every detail counts; the buttons used on the garments are handmade with branches of olive tree, eucalyptus and boxwood. The cuts with volume, the quality of the clothes and the design make KiSSe a brand made by children for children!


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Posted by Petra Barkhof