Kids fashion trends FW21 visto su The Rendez-vous Kids Digital Fashion Week part 1.

The Rendez-vous è un evento digitale in collaborazione tra Scimparello e altri tre blogger. E’ un complemento alle fiere digitali di moda bambino su Instagram.
Una vetrina per i brand, per far sapere al mondo che stanno ancora producendo collezioni nonostante le difficoltà attuali.
Senza le fiere e la copertura stampa che ne consegue, The Rendez-vous è un’opportunità per i marchi per mostrare un piccolo assaggio delle nuove stagioni.
Abbiamo già mostrato la prima parte delle nuove collezioni FW21 le scorse settimane ed ecco un riepilogo dei marchi della prima parte.
Potete trovare la seconda parte dall’8 marzo ai seguenti profili Instagram – @scimparellomagazine@therendez_vous@hooligansmagazine @pirouetteblog@smudgetikka

Paade Mode for FW21 kids fashion with cosy warm checked coats and knitwear

Raspberry Plum with a Prairie cowboy theme for FW21

Young Soles there’s a slide 80’s vibe

The Rendez-vous is a digital multi platform event collaboration between myself and three other bloggers that is a complement to the digital trade fairs for kids fashion on Instagram.

A showplace for brands to let the world know they are still producing collections despite the current difficulties.

Without press coverage of the collections as would be normal from the Trade shows, The Rendez-vous is a chance for brands to give a little taste of what is coming for future seasons.

Currently showcasing FW21 which is split in two parts, part one has just completed, part two follows from 8th March.

Here is a round up of the brands from part one. You can find part two from 8th March at the following Instagram profiles – @scimparellomagazine  – @therendez_vous@hooligansmagazine @pirouetteblog – @smudgetikka

LMNthree sustainable and modern childrenswear for FW21

Dinosaurs and accessories from Meri Meri

Kids Fashion trends FW21 showed a lot of knitwear here by Kokori

The Middle Daughter had a strong lilac and green colour palette

Fiera Wild World is a young brand with sustainability at its heart

Popelin with a beautiful textured collection for FW21

Ligne Noire Enfant luxury Italian made knitwear

Beautifully made with attention to details Petite Amalie FW21


All photos first appeared at The Rendez-vous collective, all rights reserved to respective brands.
Post copyright Scimparello – no reproduction without permission 2018-2021

Posted by Petra Barkhof