New Gypsy – Fashion Editorial

Photography and Creative Direction by Manuela Franjou

Layout Rossella Ferraio

from left: ZOË, dress and apron La Petite Alice, CYAN, shirt Bachaā Paris, jumpsuit Petite Alice, shoes Wildling shoes,
NORA, dress Bachaā Paris, shoes Wildlings Shoes, DANTE, Shirt Bachaā, trousers La Petite Alice,
BIRNAHMU, Shirt and jumpsuit Repose Ams, KIVA, dress Bachaā Paris, KALA, dress Bachaā Paris

KALA, dress Bachaā Paris, BIRNAHMU, Shirt and jumpsuit Repose Ams, Plaids Le petit Lucas du Tertre

KALA KIVA and NORA, dresses Bachaā Paris

Posted by Petra Barkhof