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Scimparello is an independent magazine. We are passionate about capturing the magic of childhood through photography and illustration. We are dedicated to bringing our readers the latest trends in kids fashion, while also exploring the many facets of childhood, from books and toys to pets and decor. Our mission is to inspire and connect with families around the world by creating a community that celebrates the joy and wonder of being a kid.

We believe that kids deserve to be seen and heard, which is why we are committed to showcasing diverse perspectives and stories from the kidsfashion industry. Our team is made up of creatives and trendsetters who are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in kids’ fashion, and we love nothing more than sharing our finds with our readers.

At the heart of our brand is our founder, a bold and playful woman with a signature blond hairstyle and blue tips that kids recognize and adore. Along with her deputy editor, our team creates super funny videos that capture the spirit of childhood and bring a smile to the faces of both kids and parents alike.

Join us on our journey to celebrate the beauty and joy of childhood, and be a part of our vibrant and inclusive community at Scimparello Magazine.


Progetto senza titolo (33)

Petra Barkhof
Editor in Chief/Founder


I’m the Boss
and Pink is Punk





Enrico Fragale Esposito
Deputy Editor


Enrico alias Timo,
crazy socks addicted




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Rossella Ferrario
Creative Director


Passionate about her work,
we like everything she does




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Patrizia Mezzanzanica
Senior Editor


Ex rebel converted to quiet life, she writes with her heart



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Teresa Doria
Graphic Designer


From the Romagna Riviera, she turns our creativity into reality.



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Patricia Barkhof
Managing Director


Mom of 2
yoga and essential oil fanatic




Alejandra Salvatore
Contributing Editor


Mom of Mateo
She is a genius and so talented




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Mariangela Monti
Travel Editor


Mom of 2
wanderlust is her mantra







We are looking for editorials that inspire us. Our Winter 23 magazine is already online and has the theme REMOTE ZONE! The Summer 24 theme will be PLAYGROUND. Deadline mid February 2024

Beside the editorials published in the magazine, we are publishing also editorials on our website.




Send a PDF to editorial@scimparellomagazine.com and we will let you know as soon as possible if your editorial will be published.


Our editorials need at least 10 different brands and a minimum of 10 pictures!



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