1, Viceversa

The first Silent Book by Matita Edizioni


by Petra Barkhof

Matita Edizioni, an independent publishing house born in Venice in 2022, has dedicated itself to creating a series of eco-sustainable silent books, curated and illustrated by architects, to offer children, parents, and beauty enthusiasts a unique experience. Get ready to be fascinated by architecture, urban realities, design objects, and the wonderful glimpses of the surrounding environment.

“1, Viceversa,” This one-of-a-kind book will captivate you with its original and playful cover design by the talented graphic designer Leonardo Sonnoli.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a wordless story, curated by architects and illustrators, that will take you through eleven unforgettable scenes of everyday life. It appeals to those who were children in the 80s and 90s, as well as to today’s children in 2020, as it travels through time with the unique perspective of a child growing up. Their hands grow bigger, and emotions intertwine along the journey.

“1, Viceversa” accompanies you through forty years of life, an inclusive story that could belong to each one of us. The detailed illustrations will take you into rooms, down the streets, and into school corridors, immersing you in a journey filled with familiar objects that will awaken your memories. While adults lose themselves in the details of the past, young readers will develop their sense of observation, creating a language to tell the world around them.

A special moment in the book can be found on page 26, where an embrace conveys the joy of sharing a prenatal ultrasound. In this scene, architecture and objects disappear, making way for a timeless announcement of pregnancy filled with secrets and expectations, a moment that touches the heart.

“1, Viceversa” is a wordless book, but not without a story. It is a work of exchange and transmission that we invite you to look at and preserve for future generations.

Available from June 12, 2023. Preorder here


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