Atelier Molayem

A kaleidoscope of colors

Atelier Molayem Pitti 21-06-2023_04

by Enrico Fragale Esposito


In 2018, founder and designer Stella Molayem gave birth to a brand that weaves together art, design and tradition, bringing forth a magical collection of jewelry that captivates both young and old.


Stella draws inspiration from the beauty that surrounds her, with her two daughters serving as endless muses. Each piece she creates is a masterpiece, radiating unique elegance and charm. Crafted with utmost care and passion, the jewelry is meticulously handmade in Italy.


During the latest edition of Pitti Bimbo, Atelier Molayem Kids introduced ABC cubes. The collection, a perfect fusion of lightness and geometry, captures the essence of every child at heart. It’s an invitation to embrace your unique spirit, celebrating individuality in the most delightful way possible.

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