Baby Dior's Magical Skincare Collection for Little Ones

Enchantment meets gentle care


The Maison’s creations for infants and toddlers pave the way to magical realms with formulas crafted to tenderly embrace the delicate skin of the little ones. Suspended between sweetness and poetry, each product has been designed to pamper and protect, ensuring a journey of gentle care for your precious ones.


Effective treatments, a delightful fragrance, and delicate, sensory formulas are born from natural ingredients and presented in pastel-colored bottles adorned with the unmistakable Dior brand letters. Today, Baby Dior, the Maison’s line for infants and children, expands to become a bath collection as well.


Bonne Étoile, an alcohol-free eau de scent with original notes borrowed from childhood, is the brainchild of Dior Fragrances Creative Director, Francis Kurkdjian. Eau Très Fraîche, La Mousse Très Fondante, and Le Lait Très Tendre weave a tale of childhood, three treatments that respect the sensitivity of the skin on the body and face of your little ones. Each pump-dispenser bottle reveals a unique Toile de Jouy pattern designed by Cordélia de Castelane in pastel blue, green, and pink: magical animals and lush vegetation bring life to treatments where the playful and childlike side of the Maison can fully express itself.

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