Bandits à la Crème: Elevating Mom&Kid Fashion with Joyful Elegance

Embracing elegant and retro styles.


text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Bandits à la Crème is a French brand offering a matchy-matchy mom-and-kid wardrobe that exudes both joy and deliciously regressive charm. Founded by childhood friends Juliette and Domitille, this vibrant label is rooted in the founders’ commitment to preserve the innocence and spirit of childhood.


The range, size 3 to 12, is 100% cotton available at the fairest possible prices. And now, their creativity has extended beyond children’s fashion, as they passionately dress women, whether mothers or not, in pieces that echo the whimsical charm of their children’s wardrobe while incorporating more feminine cuts.


Embracing a vitamin-rich autumn palette, the FW23 Coup de Théâtre collection features hues like bright orange, powder pink, intense plum, olive, and delicate sage. The pieces showcase grandiose collars, revisited croquets, and stylish corduroys, injecting new life into winter wardrobes.

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