Capturing Childhood Wonder

Unveiling Dreamscape SS24 by Bebe Organic

girl jumping in the sand, in Camargue

text Enrico Fragale Esposito


The journey of childhood, filled with wonders of Nature and the enchanting kaleidoscope of colors is intricately woven into Dreamscape SS24, where delicate details and ethereal hues converge to create a captivating narrative. The collection, like a tapestry of memories, captures the vibrant existence of little ones as they explore the vast world around them with joy.


Each piece in the collection reflects the textures, colors and melodies of the natural world, whispering secrets of connection and exploration. Earthly tones symbolize the deep-rooted connection between children and Nature, emphasizing a harmonious coexistence that is both nurturing and adventurous.


The synergy between Dreamscape and the wild landscape of Camargue (where the campaign has been shot) is not just coincidental—it’s a perfect alignment of vision and environment. The setting amidst an untamed beauty underscores the collection’s theme of exploration and connection to the natural world. The rugged yet serene backdrop complements the delicate yet vibrant designs of the range, creating a visual harmony that resonates with viewers.

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