Diesel's extraordinary journey

Timeless essence and core identity come to life, reaching new heights of expression.


text Enrico Fragale Esposito


At the heart of the FW23 collection the brand’s iconic denim stands as an unwavering pillar, complemented by a diverse array of garments inspired by unique styles.


Dive into the spellbinding world of camu waves and psychedelic winter vibes, embrace the dynamic allure of the sport package, find focus with stunning jackets, and hit the slopes in style with the optical ski package. Diesel commitment to responsible living takes center stage with a thoughtfully crafted collection that echoes sustainability and mindful choices.


Indulge in warmth and style with an exclusive knitwear capsule, while the outdoor array aexplores a plethora of padded nylon variants, each offering a distinct shape and length to cater to every individual need.


For those seeking a laid-back yet sophisticated flair, Diesel introduces the loungewear & underwear collections, ensuring comfort without compromising on style.