Elegance and cheerfulness with Hello Lupo

The SS24 collection is fresh and sophisticated, perfect both for special occasions and for wonderful days outdoors.

cute japanese baby girl posing in terracotta romper and printed shirt
blonde girl with posing with patterned dress and green Mary Janes

text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Hello Lupo unveils its SS24 collection, a testament to the harmonious fusion of Japanese culture and Italian sophistication. Renowned for its ability to blend heritage with contemporary aesthetics, the brand’s latest offering encapsulates a unique narrative of elegance and refinement.


Each piece is meticulously crafted to reflect the intricate beauty of Japanese craftsmanship, while seamlessly integrating the timeless allure of Italian design.


From the fluidity of silhouettes to the precision of detailing, every aspect of the collection resonates with a sense of balance and harmony. Soft, flowing fabrics cascade effortlessly, reminiscent of the gentle movements of cherry blossoms swaying in the spring breeze. Delicate embroidery and intricate patterns pay homage to traditional Japanese motifs, adding depth and dimension to each garment.

girl dressed like a
boy dressed in blazer and pants made of linen