Ibiza is also about magic and mistery

Es Vedra

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There are superstitions handed down that are so unique that their origins are unknown.

The majestic rock of Es Vedra, a few hundred metres off the south-western coast of Ibiza is a bit like Peter Pan’s Neverland. What is exceptional about it is certainly its conformation, in fact this enormous rock has a shape reminiscent of a semi-submerged dragon’s head.


Amidst fairy tales, myths and legends, stories about Es Vedrà have been handed down generation after generation for hundreds of years. As early as 1855, in fact, the Carmelite monk Francisco Palau, who had retired for prayer and meditation to a cave on Es Vedra, wrote in his diary that he frequently had ‘strange encounters’ and ‘spiritual awakenings’, as well as true mystical visions.


Es Vedrà is for many the refuge of the Sirens and other mythological sea creatures from the Odyssey. For others, even an underwater alien base in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, or it would be connected to the ancient myth of the sunken city of Atlantis. In fact, the name Atlantis has been given to the mysterious and fairy-tale-like cave, which is certainly located in the bay in front of it, but to which few find access.


There have also been reports of UFOs in its vicinity and huge circles of light that, on more than one occasion, have terrified unsuspecting fishermen sailing off its shores.


At the base of the cliff is a cave where hippies have, in the past, had visions of Buddha; still others claim that there is a cave on the island inhabited by a witch and that a personal item must be left at the entrance for good luck.


These tales, however, still have no scientific confirmation. Certainly in this place, the earth and the sea produce and conserve an energy that is out of the ordinary. In fact, it is proven that the minerals and metals contained in abundance in the rocks of Es Vedrà throw off compasses. Birds lose their sense of direction and keep their distance. In fact, it seems that satellites cannot return an image. This happens for places like the White House or the Pentagon.


Hence the story, not entirely credited, that Es Vedrà is one of the three places with the strongest magnetic field on earth. The others are the Bermuda Triangle and the poles. Many on the island of Ibiza believe that its energy is beneficial and has healing powers, and they pay homage and prayers to this mysterious little island.


In short, Ibiza is truly a magical and mysterious place and even boasts a nomination from Nostradamus, who 500 years ago gave it as the ‘last refuge on earth’ in one of his predictions.


We leave it up to you to choose which fairytale to believe in.


photo by Sandra de Keller