Il Gufo, Nature Dreamers

A journey to a country where natural landscapes are wild and free


text Enrico Fragale Esposito


We give you a clue about the travel program organized by Il Gufo this winter: sweet to the palate, a warm amber colour… you guessed it? It’s maple syrup, the symbol of Canada. With Nature Dreamers collection, the Italian brand celebrates the Earth in its purest form, drawing inspiration from a country where natural landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see.


The colour palette ranges from various shades of blue, including turquoise or baby blue and more intense hues with fresh green, pink and ice-grey accents. Quilted puffer jackets in taffeta or down-proof nylon, oversized mohair cardigans and soft, feather-light viscose dresses are mixed with liberty-patterned shirts.


Maple leaves delicately adorn outerwear, knitwear and trousers, bringing hints of brick orange, honey yellow and olive green.
Merino wool sweaters feature hand-embroidered details, while those in mohair and organic cotton boast sophisticated openwork.