Il Gufo SS23

Into The Blue


text by Enrico Fragale Esposito


Like every season, we are ready to set off with Il Gufo, which accompanies us to new and extraordinary routes. The destination for the SS23 is Normandy, where quiet nuances mingle with gentle scents.


First stop: Alabaster cliffs. A journey through colours and nature that is transformed into textures, volumes and fabrics. The blue and sage green, the delicate Liberty flowers, the tulle appliqués, the stripes, are all distinctive signs of heritage brought up to date for a contemporary collection.


Then we enter the gardens of Giverny, where water lilies sway gently on the water as in an impressionist painting. Powder pink, olive green, sugar paper and lemon yellow dye garments with fluid shapes and asymmetrical constructions.


Last stop: Saint Malo. The marinière looks are tinged with red and fuchsia for a colourful summer, culminating in a sky-high ocean dive, thanks to the funny swimwear capsule.


Among the season’s highlights are garments made in collaboration with Artetica: organic cotton crocheted cardigans, linen dresses and sleeveless tops.