Jacquemus Unveils Magical 'MINI ME' Kids Collection

A Stylish Affair


In the realm of high fashion, Jacquemus stands out as the “it” brand of 2023, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide with its romantic styles and delicate accessories. As the holiday season unfolds, Jacquemus introduces its first-ever kids collection, inviting everyone to experience the magic in miniature form.


The “MINI ME” collection lets you match your little one with shrunken versions of Jacquemus’ signature relaxed silhouettes. The adorable campaign features small children confidently donning oversized clothing and accessories, stealing the spotlight with style. Available now, the collection includes Jacquemus basics resized for children, showcasing vibrant reds, tans, browns, and pinks.


Staple Jacquemus lettering embellishes petite t-shirts, hoodies, and bucket hats in soft textiles. For evening outings, paint-splattered button-downs add a touch of elegance. Zipped cargo pants, shorts in rich browns, cinched tops, and denim workwear in soft pinks offer variety. Striped shirting, pocketed tees, and fringed hats for sun protection complete the collection.


Jacquemus’ first kids collection is a celebration of style, individuality, and the joy of fashion without age boundaries. The enchanting pieces, available now on the brand’s website, bring the magic of Jacquemus to both parents and their “mini me” this festive season. Fashion is more than clothing; it’s a feeling, and with Jacquemus, that feeling is always magical.

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