Jamie Morgan's 'Buffalo Future Generation'

Exhibition Celebrates British Youth


by Petra Barkhof

London’s Ladbroke Hall presents Jamie Morgan’s captivating exhibition, ‘Buffalo: Future Generation.’ This ongoing project reimagines the disruptive Buffalo style movement of 1980s Ladbroke Grove, celebrating contemporary British youth. Morgan’s inclusive approach showcases diverse subjects found through street-casting and includes children of prominent figures like Kate Moss. The exhibition captures the strength, integrity, and gender fluidity of these individuals, providing a vibrant snapshot of modern Britain. Highlighting British Youth: ‘Buffalo: Future Generation’ is Jamie Morgan’s tribute to British youth. Through serious and thought-provoking portraits, Morgan reveals the authenticity and free expression of his subjects, embracing gender fluidity. The exhibition preserves powerful moments that embody the spirit of youth, combining strength, innocence, and integrity. Ladbroke Hall’s Cultural Program: Ladbroke Hall, the birthplace of Buffalo, hosts Jamie Morgan’s exhibition, underscoring its significance. The hall’s cultural program showcases the best talents in music, theater, film, dance, and art. As a preview, Ladbroke Hall has already offered short exhibitions, screenings, theater performances, and music events since late May. By hosting Morgan’s exhibition, Ladbroke Hall celebrates local contributions to the global cultural landscape and fosters inclusivity. Jamie Morgan: Pioneering Style Culture: Jamie Morgan, an influential British photographer, has redefined fashion image-making and style culture. By pioneering street casting and embracing diversity, Morgan’s work challenges societal norms. He captures the character of British style, celebrating gender fluidity and individuality in a time marked by rigid gender roles. Supporting the Community: The Dalgarno Trust: Ladbroke Hall’s exhibition supports The Dalgarno Trust, a community center in North Kensington. The trust promotes health, wellbeing, and inclusion through various projects and services, working in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. By collaborating with The Dalgarno Trust, Ladbroke Hall reinforces its commitment to the local community. Jamie Morgan’s ‘Buffalo: Future Generation’ exhibition at Ladbroke Hall is a vibrant celebration of contemporary British youth. Through powerful portraits, the exhibition captures the strength, integrity, and gender fluidity of its subjects. Ladbroke Hall’s support for local contributions and inclusivity is evident, making this exhibition a must-see for those seeking a dynamic exploration of British youth culture.



79 Barlby Rd

London W10 6AZ

Thursday 29 June – Saturday 15 July 2023

Open from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm

Jamie Morgan

Ladbroke Hall

The Dalgarno Trust


All images courtesy © Jamie Morgan