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Manila Grace Girl’s Spring-Summer 24 Collection

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Welcome to a world of lightness and chic comfort with Manila Grace Girl’s latest collection, brought to you by the Casillo Group. This season, the brand explores a spectrum of elements, from transparencies to warm tones, to create outfits that are not just fashionable but perfect for any time of the day or occasion.


Laminated fabrics, rhinestones, polka dot patterns, and knitwear take center stage in this range, illuminating each look with a touch of glamour. The fusion of these elements brings forth a chic-confort style, ensuring you stay in tune with the latest fashion trends.


Embracing a 60’s style revival, stripes become the absolute protagonists, presented in various color variants but the collection also features vichy skirts, cropped blazers, and vests proudly displaying the brand’s logo. Whether you opt for timeless classics or playful prints, Manila Grace Girl offers a versatile range that caters to every fashion mood.

Simonetta X CoccoleBimbi Limited Edition - 2
Simonetta X CoccoleBimbi Limited Edition - 2