Meet Severina

The Doll of Summer Adventures

bambola di pezza di Severina Kids

by Petra Barkhof


There’s a new friend in town, ready to make this summer unforgettable! Meet Severina, the delightful doll who will accompany your children on countless sun-filled adventures. With her adorable hand-knitted swimsuit and matching flippers and float, Severina is the perfect companion for days at the beach, afternoons by the pool, and imaginative play at home.

A Tale of Craftsmanship and Care
Severina is no ordinary doll; she’s a handmade treasure from Portugal. Lovingly crafted by skilled local artisans, she embodies quality and care in every detail. Her soft body is made from 100% organic cotton, and her hair, hand-knitted from Merino wool, adds a touch of warmth and comfort. With recycled polyester filling, Severina is not only enchanting but also eco-friendly, making her an ideal choice for environmentally conscious families.

bambola di pezza di Severina Kids
bambola di pezza di Severina Kids

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