N°21 Kids Winter Wonderland

Unleashing Irreverent Style and Adventure


text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Irreverence meets absolute coolness, setting the stage for a winter season filled with free-spirited adventures. This season, the N°21 Kids crew dives into a playful reinterpretation of grunge aesthetics with a 90s twist, ushering in a burst of vibrant colors that redefine the winter wardrobe.


Girls embrace a grunge mood infused with lively hues. From striking mixes of red and black to the sweetness of bubblegum pink, strawberry, banana yellow, baby blue, and ice white – the collection is a kaleidoscope of irresistible colors and style with teddy maxi furs, oversized urban down jackets, and masculine-looking checkered suits.


For the adventurous souls, N°21 Kids introduces sweatshirts inspired by the world of “Jurassic Park,” cargo trousers, and parkas with technical effects. Cotton jersey jackets and trousers boast a denim effect, while N°21 logo sweatshirts are treated for a stylish worn-in appearance. Corduroy shirts and nylon bomber jackets add a touch of versatility, ensuring the collection resonates with the fearless young explorers.