Oeuf's MEET MOSS: Eco-Friendly Kids' Furniture

Transforming Kids' Rooms into Vibrant Play Spaces

mobili eco friendly per bambini letti, culle

text Petra Barkhof


A Winning Pair, Sophie from France and Michael from America, created Oeuf in 2004. This lifestyle brand has been a forerunner in the new trends of eco-design. Through its products, Oeuf responds to the demands of a new generation of parents who are conscious about the well-being of their children and the environment.

Thanks to the new MEET MOSS line, children’s bedrooms become playgrounds with a vibrant color palette. The range includes five pieces: a crib, beds in two different sizes, a nightstand, and a dresser. The crib is convertible to accommodate growing children.

After twenty years in which Sophie has always designed the furniture line with her husband, maintaining a Scandinavian style, she has now infused MEET MOSS with her very personal creative touch. This delivers us a nest that is colored with joy and vibrancy.

Captured by our childlike spirit upon viewing images of these pieces, we immediately immersed ourselves in a fairy-tale world.

mobili eco friendly per bambini letti, culle
mobili eco friendly per bambini letti, culle