Pitti Bimbo 99

Florence: June, 19-21

Lemon planet illustration

text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Get ready to embrace a burst of creativity and style as we are going to celebrate the vibrant Pitti Lemon theme this season.


For the next SS25, the lemon 🍋 takes center stage, symbolizing the essence of zest, energy, and playful elegance in children’s fashion. Scimparello Magazine is thrilled to spotlight the most refreshing and innovative pieces that embody this lively theme. From sun-kissed yellows to playful citrus motifs, this trend infuses every item with a sense of joy and vitality and we are going to select 10 favourites #scimparellofavourites inspired by this year’s citrusy sensation.


Join us in this lemony world, whether you’re looking for the perfect summer outfit or just a splash of inspiration… our top picks will ensure your kids are dressed to impress with the freshest looks of the season.


Let’s make this summer a zesty one!

yellow submarine

Pitti Immagine Bimbo 99
June 19-21, Florence