Postcards from My Memories

Discover the story behind C'era una volta's new collection

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Emanuela Nurra, founder and creative director of C’era una volta, scores another Match Point with the SS24 collection: Postcards from My Memories. The success was to dig out from her childhood memories those moments that most impressed joy in her heart and from there to turn those emotions into garments.


In a whirlwind of memories spanning Japan, France, and Italy, a tapestry of emotions inspired the latest range, capturing the essence of cherished moments and timeless elegance. The SAKURA pattern mirrors the blissful sensation of cherry blossoms in Tokyo… the airy dresses that allow movement with grace and style are a tribute to the perfect Hanami moment, when nature’s beauty envelops you.


Reflecting on childhood memories wrapped in lace curtains in Sardinia, the collection features intricate openwork knits and delicate embroidery on dresses, skirts, and shirts. These details evoke a sense of nostalgia, celebrating the delicate beauty of our roots while embracing modern tailoring for a timeless appeal.


While the palette draws from terracotta, ochre, sky blue, and dandelion white, Emanuela’s dedication to eco-friendly practices shines through the use of FLOCUS™, an intelligent fabric that is softer, warmer, and more ecological than regular cotton.

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