Pucci Junior, super allure

Meet an ultra-contemporary world of luxurious styles.

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text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Introducing the iconic Iride print, Pucci Junior collection takes center stage with two captivating variants. Dive into the world of vibrant multicolored hues, injecting a strong and dynamic twist, or embrace the pastel tones attire for those sophisticated occasions that demand a touch of elegance.


The refined fabrics effortlessly mirror the dynamic essence of the entire line. From the mesh and lycra of sporty-luxury proposal to the cosmopolitan and feminine cotton poplin offerings, the collection seamlessly weaves together diverse textures. The iconic Pucci twill pyjama remains an undisputed must-have for the season, embodying timeless style.


Experience the whimsical side of winter with a fun and cheerful knitwear, featuring an array of vibrant hues that promise to make the season sparkle. Bomber jackets and down jackets take center stage, playing with volumes and colors to create a fashion statement that’s impossible to ignore. Don’t let these pieces slip away, especially when heading to the most renowned ski destinations.