Simonetta unveils an enchanting world

Golden Age inspiration, candy tones and contemporary design


text Enrico Fragale Esposito


The AW23 collection seamlessly blends retro charm with a contemporary edge. Elevating the brand’s elegance with a modern twist, the showcased garments effortlessly marry romance and modernity. Rich in vibrant colors and exquisite materials, this collection embodies innovation and sets a new standard for style. Embrace the season’s spirit with the inspirational Liberty print, defining a chapter of unparalleled elegance and trendsetting fashion.


Colours in pastel shades like pink, light blue and latte become the protagonists of a charming chapter, featuring shearling and sophisticated elements such as the tulip collar and frill details. The Liberty print with flower set in a diamond pattern represents a true must-have for the season. With pastel shades that blend with the mustard pattern, this print creates a hypnotic effect that calls to mind the unmistakable atmosphere of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel.


A second delivery sees the audacity of military green meeting the vivacity of mustard for outfits sporting an energetic attitude, mellowed by Simonetta’s typical dainty touch. Here, it is velvet – a must-have in any winter wardrobe – that provides structure, but above all character, to both the garments and the wearer.