Stapelstein, elevating playtime into a festive wonderland

Discover the vibrant world of the German brand

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Stapelstein’s mission is to unlock the boundless potential of free play for children of all ages.


Crafted with passion by founder Stephan Schenk in 2016, Stapelstein introduces a collection of soft, vivid blocks that effortlessly transform any space into a dynamic and stimulating playground for children.

These versatile blocks invite a symphony of activities – stacking, throwing, spinning, and rolling – where the only boundary is the limitless expanse of imagination. The enduring design of these blocks, proudly crafted in Germany, gracefully accompanies your little ones from the early stages of crawling to those exhilarating first steps, and onwards to the unrestrained freedom of running.


Indoors, outdoors, the blocks are not confined by limits. With a spectrum of 16 captivating colors, there’s a Stapelstein for every taste and preference.

Modules, crafted from EPP, an environmentally friendly plastic, are devoid of plasticizers or propellants, ensuring a 100% recyclable product that seamlessly integrates into outdoor and aquatic environments.

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