The Sunday Collective SS23


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text Enrico Fragale Esposito


When summer is over what do we have left? The memory of its magical weekends, which The Sunday Collective celebrates with The WKNDRS CLUB collection. From camping in the mountains to trips to the beach, with family or friends, every moment is suitable for feeling connected to nature.


Combining that feeling of nostalgia with the anticipation of new moments to remember forever, the New York-based brand has designed a unisex range in cotton and linen that allows freedom of movement for every activity. Retro graphics and pastel colours bring back memories of a summer spent on the Danish coast together with stripes and gingham print with a vintage feel.


A curiosity: each garment will never be exactly the same. This is due to natural dyeing processes made, mind you, from seasonal ingredients. Only by leaving fewer invasive traces on the planet can we make more room for a better future. ????

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