Traveling with Letter to The World

A globe tour in prints

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text Enrico Fragale Esposito


Established amidst the enchanting vibes of Istanbul and the vivacity of Barcelona in 2021, Letter to the World has continuously captivated young hearts with its whimsical designs and vibrant prints, and now proudly presents its SS2024 collection, an ode to travel and the timeless allure of postcards.


Drawing inspiration from the enchanting landscapes and cultural riches of different corners of the globe, the range invites young explorers on a journey like never before. Picture Dutch tulips blooming in vibrant hues, their fragrant scent transporting children to the picturesque fields of the Netherlands. Scandinavian design influences are reminiscent of cozy moments spent in Nordic homes.


Portuguese markets come alive with the playful depiction of sardines, adding a touch of Mediterranean charm to the collection. Meanwhile, nautical stripes pay homage to the rich seafaring tradition, leading young adventurers to the sun-kissed shores of France.


Each print serves as a postcard, capturing the essence of a unique destination and igniting the wanderlust within every child.

Progetto senza titolo - 1
Progetto senza titolo - 1