Artwork 2024

Summer Season 2024

Collection Statement

We are fascinated by waves as they are allies of freedom, we talk in different languages because we see the value of other cultures. We accentuate the sporty aspect in young kids lives because we feel that’s important. We love the element of water because of its creative nature. We like playing with various production techniques for the dept it brings.

Beautiful, refined embroideries level up the summer collection and its uniqueness. An ode to old painting techniques, like dip dye, brings authenticity. Little colourful and animalic artwork details form a playful red line running through the collection. While our catchy one-liners set the mood and breath out the values AO76 stands for.

Come and explore our new summer collection 2024 and get enchanted by our Artwork. Always original and created new in house by our AO76 stylists.