Collection Statement

Inspiration for the collection is César Manrique and his island of Lanzarote. Taro is an Ancient stone constructions typical of Lanzarote and that is how César Manrique called his house: TAHICHE TARO – “circular tower made of dry stone and without mortar, which was used to preserve vegetables, cure cheeses, shelter the shepherd, etc., or to watch from high points”.

Belle Chiara invites us on a journey from aesthetics to ethics, from art to ecology and sustainability. Manrique was like a child playing with stones, plants and colors.

The chromatic range draws inspiration from the natural landscape of Lanzarote: Cactus, Lava,Volcanic Land and Ecru. Everything is made from100% organic cotton.


Photo by Raquel Chicheri

About the Brand

From the very beginning in 2009, with our first line of shoes, we knew we wanted our children to wear something special.

We moved forward launching our first kids fashion clothes collection in 2012 trusting our own creativity: naturalness, delicacy, originality, careful work and handcrafted articles.

We have built Belle Chiara to become a way of expression itself, with the values and purpose to be more than a brand of fashion and children’s shoes.

We want ethical, honest and sustainable fashion. We are very committed to the environment, we only use organic cottons
and natural fabrics.

Behind each collection there are many anonymous artisan hands that make it possible for our brand to grow day by day. We feel responsible and very close to the small factories we work with, we believe in the people who work with us and we create ties.

We are committed to a “fair price” so that each person in the process of making our pieces has a decent salary and working conditions. We know, recognize and respect the entire human team behind our collections.
Our productions are 60% Made in Spain and 40% Made in Portugal.

This is our world, our passion. We are delighted for you to be part of it.