The Summer Colorist SS23

Summer Season 2023

Collection Statement

“The colorist is the one who has the great gift of knowing how to justapose shades and beautiful colors”

His name is Ethan and he is the star child of the Spring-Summer 2023 Collection by Bianca&Noè.
In the guise of a talented colorist, he juxtaposes pastel colors and shades that bring back to the world of childhood: the soft pink of marshmallows, the blue sky, the gray of the pebbles that make up grandma’s driveway, the lilac of cyclamens, cookies baked for a snack, a cream ice cream.


This new Collection is a journey, reimagined in a contemporary key, through the days
experienced by children, with a special homage to Sunday, experienced as a family.
The designs printed on the soft pure cotton T-shirts tell of these very moments:
the breakfast cups, the Sunday morning pancakes, the guardian dog barking at the first light of day, the letters written in cursive repeatedly in the notebook, the horses imagined to run across the prairies with the Indians.

The textures of the printed fabrics reproduce the letter W that forms the small waves of the lake where people go fishing in summer, the brushstrokes of color in the off hours, the pages of the checked notebook.
The garments also this time slightly oversized – in pure cotton made in Italy – with a soft cut and in most cases “Gender Free” leave children free to be where even the colors are not gender-identifying, but can be worn by boy and girl with the same naturalness.

Thus, we want to give an alternative to the classic boys’ colors by proposing lilac, light gray, light blue, cream, and cookie.
Each item can be interpreted in a sporty style, combining it with sneakers, or in a more
elegant style by completing the outfit with sandals.

The proposed cut covers two or more years of the child’s growth allowing for a longer life of the garments. In most cases, the items can be passed from older siblings older to younger ones, without distinction precisely because they are gender neutral.
Giving garments a longer life is one of the “missions” of Bianca&Noè, which aims at a

greater awareness of dressing starting with the youngest.

About the Brand


Bianca&Noè is a children’s clothing brand, created by Erika Di Rocco, that offers a unique blend of comfort, functionality, and style. Our clothing and accessories are designed to be versatile and timeless, made with high-quality materials and attention to detail. We believe in sustainability and ethical production, which is why we work with artisans and small factories to bring our designs to life. From classic wardrobe staples to standout statement pieces, our collections are made for those who appreciate both fashion and practicality.
Far from the injunctions of fast fashion, we propose sartorial, transversal, oversize and in most cases gender-free collections to encourage the transition from older to younger siblings without distinction of gender, thus allowing garments to have a longer life and encouraging their reuse.

Join us on our journey to elevate everyday style with a touch of Italian flair.