Collection Statement

The Spring Summer 2023 collection by Caffè d’Orzo portrays a romantic sense of style, inspired by the carefreeness of summer afternoons immersed in the countryside with family. Italian and sophisticated, Caffè d’Orzo brings the pureness of nature closer to the universe of children, creating head-to-toe looks for girls with a minimalist essence, to be worn both daily and for special occasions. Delicate and dusty colours characterise premium-quality garments made from soft fabrics using natural and organic fibres, featuring a fresh and linear style.

The colour palette draws a great deal of inspiration from Mother Nature and family: from natural tones of beige, milk and pearl – inspired by grandma’s old trunks – to brighter shades of pink, orange and wisteria, evoking the hues of the most varied species of flowers that grow in the spring.

The fabrics are ethereal, simple and lightweight: like the perforated knit cape with tinsel yarn, embellished by a tacked fastening with raw cotton ribbon, providing the perfect floaty effect for girls who love to play in the fields without compromising on elegance.

The retro style is accentuated by the bubble cotton fabric used to fashion midi dresses, practical tops with button fastenings and soft shorts sporting frill detailing. The main feature of the entire collection is the gauze proposed in different variations: with raw cotton threads to embroider polka dots on airy blouses and dresses boasting rustic allure, and with stones and glitter on cotton trousers bestowing refined details upon a coveted style.