Feeling Home Again

Winter Season 2023

Collection Statement

Sometimes feeling home has nothing to do with the place we are born, but with the home our heart choose to be right.


This is what happened to me when I came back to live in Japan.

My first experience was 20 years ago, and I instantly felt connected with its deep culture and the with the reverence towards quality.


After Japan I lived in France, China and South Korea. So much life happened, my girls were born, and it is now with deep emotions I come back to this country.


Living in Tokyo makes me feel so inspired every day, speaking the language allows me to unlock a deeper level of understanding.

The Japanese spirit of modern timelessness is inherently reflected in this collection.

Founder and Creative Director Emanuela Nurra




Photo Anthony Favazza

Art Direction & Styling Petra Barkhof


About the Brand

C’era una volta… is an Italian label created for newborns through to sixteen  year-olds. Delicate, pure and refined, it is a timeless brand dedicated to dress children beautifully, just as they are.  Believing always in a soft, comfortable touch, chief designer and founder, Emanuela Nurra, designs each piece with all the love of a passionate mother for her 2 young daughters. Just like how her grandmother and mother, from the south of Italy,  Sardinia,  loved her and her 2 sisters.

​C’era una volta simply means “Once upon a time” in Italian and it’s a simple phrase we often hear during childhood, when parents read stories to their children. We hope each C’era una volta piece will be treasured as a keepsake for your children and the generation to follow.

Emanuela and Paola met by chance in 2015 in their favorite bakery in Shanghai.

Ever since, they are not only tight by a great friendship, common life and family values, but they also share the same passion for travels, design, fashion and details. Since 2017 they share the same vision for C’era una volta and they passionately work to create their lifetime dream.