Collection Statement

The Spring-Summer 2024 collection is a kind of journey through various stories, where the cornerstones and DNA of Diesel find their highest expression. Denim remains one of the fundamental pillars of the brand and is flanked by a wide and varied offer with garments inspired by different styles ranging from utility, fashion show, party statements, historical garment archives, branding packages, for responsible living, and beachwear packages. This season also sees an explosion of colors involving the collection’s hero models developed in neon pop tones.

For a more relaxed style, Diesel reproposes the loungewear and underwear collections and completes the offer with a fun baby proposal created especially for the little ones.

About the Brand

Diesel completely understands today’s kids. They don’t want to be as cool as grownups; they want to be cooler than them in their own playful, strong-willed, and carefree way, transforming it into a beloved brand for kids.
By combining premium fabrics and an innovative approach, each piece delivers comfort and durability that holds up to kids’ active lifestyles.
Designed under three main themes (rock, military, and denim), Diesel Kid views the world through children’s eyes, sparking imagination and becoming the representative of a happy childhood.

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