Roman Holidays

Summer Season 2024

Collection Statement

The collection “Roman Holiday” is a tribute to the warm lazy summer days in the city. Streets and stones heated by the sun, the still air, the sound of cicadas and water splashing in a fountain and the scent of warmed cedar woods. Play in the flickering shadows below the trees in a hidden park and strolls on the warmed pavements.


Pointelle structures in different weights, delicate lace trimmings and small collars are nicely combined with rib, checks, prints and solid styles to create a playful look, that can be both colorful and classic – to dress your own way.


Different multicolor variations of stripes, mélange-colors, and prints tie together the color-stories of the collection. The colors range from classic Nordic colors like dark navy, ecru and a bright crimson red, to playful pastels as corn and heather accompanied by a fresh light apple green. Darker shades as olive, mulberry and rust create balance in the palette together with a clear vibrant azure blue.

About the Brand

We design timeless knitwear for people who care – about our planet and about quality. Knitwear we hope you will appreciate and use for many seasons.

Founded in Denmark in 2006, FUB is anchored in the minimalist aesthetics of the North. We are inspired by our Scandinavian knit heritage in both shape, stitches, and colors. Our collections offer contemporary styles in natural materials, created with special attention to details and fine craftsmanship. The colors range from soft naturals to bright seasonal shades.

The FUB collections present a range of high-quality knitwear in different weights and structures with refined considered details. From delicate base layers and soft everyday essentials to chunky tops and easy to wear bottoms. We believe that most people – kids or adults, boys or girls – like to wear clothes that feel good and allow them to move freely. Therefore, we design clothes for life.

We value working with the best materials to ensure quality and durability. Our collections are made using only three different yarns: organic cotton, RWS certified, non-mulesed merino wool and pure lambswool. The cotton we use is GOTS certified and both wool yarns are OEKO-TEX certified. All garments are free from harmful chemicals.