Collection Statement

Inspired by the quintessential elements of the Italian summer—the coastline and its vibrant color contrasts—the Made in Italy knitwear brand presents a unique fusion of materials, strictly natural and noble, weaving them into subtle plays of hues and textures.

Drawing from the natural palette of sand and sea, enriched with hints of apple green and baby pink, the collection evokes the serene tones of ecru, pearl grey, and soft sand, reminiscent of summertime staples like pebbles and billowy clouds.

Crafted from organic cotton, a biodegradable fabric renowned for its durability and hypoallergenic properties, alongside the exclusive Mulberry silk, known for its resilience and lustrous sheen, each piece is meticulously detailed with intricate weaves and a harmonious blend of stitches and yarns.

Designed for newborns aged 0-36 months, the collection redefines expressions of love through creations that tenderly care for the baby’s delicate skin, courtesy of the luxurious yarns employed and the incorporation of the stylistic signature, The Yellow Thread, that symbolizes a ray of sunshine, the role that people we Love have in our life.It is always placed on the left cuff, on the side of the heart. The beloved Alpachino character is the brand’s whimsical ambassadors, interspersed with playful jacquards and exquisite craftsmanship depicting waves, the sea, lemons, and seashells. Precious knitted booties and beanies complete the collection, all embellished of course by the Yellow Thread, symbol of union that connects us
from afar.

With meticulous attention to yarn selection to ensure the utmost comfort for little ones and a commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, the collection offers a gentle, airy, and delightful array to accompany babies through their inaugural summers, all under the tender embrace of Gensami’s Love bond.

About the Brand


press contact: Marta Ginelli
buyer contact: Federica Passaretta

Gens” from lat. Gens. In ancient Greece (genos), in ancient Rome (gens), group of people bounded by a common origin.
Ami” from It. Amare, verb, first conjugation, second singular person.


On all our knits there is a Yellow Thread that recalls a ray of sunshine, the role that people we love have in our lives. It is our stylistic signature, a symbol of union connecting us even from afar. Gensami is a Made in Italy fine knitwear brand. Make a Love declaration through endless knitwear crafted in noble fibers.