Collection Statement

A snack en plen air in the Amalfi landscape: the SS 2024 collection by Giro Quadro is a triumph of summer lights and colors, inspired by the bright atmospheres and citrusy scents of the Mediterranean maquis.
The garments, with the brand’s unmistakable distinctive cut, release all the sparkling energy and chromatic notes of the Amalfi Coast, in a roundabout of ruffles and soft flounces that will accompany the outdoor games of little girls and boys.

The yellow of the lemon groves that dot the landscape, the blue of the clear sky and the hues of the crystal clear sea color the collection in a palette of vibrant and juicy palettes.
The light textures of linen and cotton provide freshness and breathability to blouses, suits and sleeveless dresses, for unparalleled comfort even on hot, long sunny days.
Classic patterns with witty verve and fresh sorbet hues materialize the lush landscape of Amalfi and Positano and the heady aromas of their quaint alleyways in an explosion of light and liveliness.

Carefree and refined, Giro Quadro’s Spring Summer 2024 promises to relive, in the games of every little girl and boy, the emotional notes of this enviable corner of paradise.

About the Brand

With its refined and essential style, Giro Quadro is a made in Italy brand which, through ‘a game of constructions’ of garments and accessories studied in detail makes it possible to move from a minimalist style to a more refined style, giving expression
from time to time, to the personality of the little ones. The brand is the result of the sensitivity and experience of its designers, always ready to give voice to new intuitions.


Giro Quadro was born from the dream of Dina Spagnuolo and Serena Pagano, two young lawyers, who in 2016 decided to realise their entrepreneurial dream. The skills they acquired first during their studies, and then in the working world, have
made it possible to give substance to their dream, ensuring that this was a project supported not only by creativity and passion but also by the concreteness of all the skills they acquired.


The project was born like in a movie: on a Sunday in early summer, by the poolside of a beautiful Apulian masseria. From that day on, Dina and Serena carve out an almost daily meeting space: initially the time for a fleeting coffee and a ride downtown, then entire mornings dedicated to comparing notes in order to put the various pieces together and get their project off the ground. They drew their first 20 sketches, inspired by simplicity and refinement, with large volumes and a comfortable fit, but without neglecting attention to detail, such as removable collars, made in different shapes and fabrics, in order to
to make the garment itself more personal and versatile.


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