Pieces of Everyday Magic

Summer Season 2023

Collection Statement

From backpacks with compartments so thoughtfully designed, life becomes magically easier. To one-of-a-kind tableware so exciting and inviting, kids come running to the table. With notes of California dreaming colored by effortless Danish simplicity. Each style is mindfully designed to meet the authentic needs of the whole family, in all the age and stages of life.


The Cul-De-Sac Crew shares with your family the easy joys of our very own 80’s and 90’s pre-internet childhood.
Reminiscing on the days when we played outside all day and at home when the streetlights came on. When we bombed hills on skateboards, spent endless days outdoors and at the beach. Climbed trees, crashed bikes, scraped knees, camped out on trampolines, and read books in our favorite secret spots til the neighborhood kids came knocking.
Featured in the softest GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled bathing suit materials, the Cul-De-Sac crew is an ethical mix + match capsule collection. Made in Portugal, with a play-all-day fit and timeless vibe, it encapsulates gender and age-neutral colors and styles, and is trans-seasonal too!

About the Brand




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GRECH & CO. is a Nordic-Californian family lifestyle brand established in 2015, consciously creating everyday essentials for the family to love, use, wear and share.

Born and raised in San Diego, California, founder and designer Janet Grech lives her journey of Motherhood in the Copenhagen region of Denmark. She sees fashion as a means of merging the nostalgia of her 1980’s and early 90’s California childhood, with a Nordic experience of Familyhood.

She also sees fashion as so much more than expression. GRECH & CO. is inspired by the modern family. Janet believes that style does not need to be compromised for function or practicality. The idea that one single item such as a water bottle can be equally loved and used by both Mother and Son for example, can be quite impactful for both our personal economies and our environment.

Raising multiple children is a large influence behind the brand. She designs to the authentic needs of the family. As her children grow, so too does the brand. With knowledge of child development through her Masters in Education, combined with her experience as a Mother, Janet designs with a child-centred focus while still considering the preferences of the parent. And so it is with great pleasure that she welcomes you to her little big family!

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