Collection Statement

The S/S24 collection by LaTitta mixes up the romanticism of the typical Italian style with its design – combined with the freshness of fabrics and the brilliance of colours.

Designed in the sun, with the sea and the flowers that adorn our green countryside in mind –  the whole collection draws inspiration once again from the beauty and nature that surrounds us.

The garments are fresh, comfortable, stylish and colourful; easy to mix and match with each other. Sports influences, such as T-shirts, zip-ups, and hoods – also give way to elegant elements such as seersucker, flounces and ruffles of dresses that exploit the transparencies of organza and viscose with customized patterns. The fabrics are carefully chosen and include knit structures – jersey and fleece – which are mixed with more precious fabrics such as stick canvas, personalized viscose, organza and the ever-present gingham checks which are offered both in a classic way, and also revisited in the fluorescent shades of an alternative “Happy” fabric, a brilliant mix of all the colors in the collection.

The mood is easy-chic: less is more, everyday life and comfort, but with the idea of celebrating special occasions always in mind!

Dressing LaTitta means quality, attention to detail and strictly Made in Italy packaging.

With LaTitta every mother is free to choose, every child is free to grow.

About the Brand


Marketing&Sales Director: Federica Franceschini

LaTitta is a new brand that deals with the wardrobe of little ones from 0 to 14 years old, offering special garments characterized by quality & design. The project, which was born from the meeting between Consuelo Pinoca and Federica Franceschini, is dedicated to every mother who wants to raise their child with love and care, choosing special and unique garments that reflect their love and respect.

The logo, represented by the snout of Cavalier King Ernesto, is not only related to the family sphere but also symbolizes the bond between child and animal, a relationship based on love and mutual respect, essential values of the brand.

Design, attention to detail, study of materials and colors make the garments rich in style and personality and become the main elements of the brand: the mood is Easy&Chic, with interchangeable, comfortable and unique looks that open the door to accessible luxury, 100% made in Italy.

The brand interprets the values of love and mutual respect through business choices aimed at protecting the environment, choosing organic, recycled and regenerated materials; deriving from production without the use of chemical color pigments and maintaining zero-kilometer production.


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