Winter Season 2023

Collection Statement

A tribute to a life that we have almost lost, to an atmosphere without borders.


We have fun again, we play, we hug each other without ever stopping, as if every day were
a party, at school, at home or with grandparents.


How we were, how we should be and how we will be.
No convention or prejudice, we are all citizens of the same city.


We must always dream, even when we are grown up, we must never stop, the dream sets us




Photo Annarella Caruso

Art Direction & Styling Petra Barkhof


About the Brand

LIGNE NOIRE is a contemporary Italian knitwear brand for children,
with a sentiment towards the past and for Italy.
Each garment is inspired by tradition, the yarns are all precious and natural,
coming from manufactures in northern Italy.
Each collection tells a story between past and present.
LIGNE NOIRE has won some awards such as:
2020 second place best international brand announced by the magazine juniormagazine.uk
2020 best ecoethic collection presented at Pitti bimbo organized by Kidswear magazine
2022 second place as best international brand, again announced by the magazine juniormagazine.uk
Each collection is always very popular with the international press.
LIGNE NOIRE was founded in 2019.

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