Collection Statement

Under the sun’s warm glow, oblivious to the summer heat, the children from the neighbourhood converged at the playing field, where mischievousness became their language and laughter and squeals carried through the air as they splashed joyfully in a paddling pool, fooling about and inventing games of elaborate origin and simple rules.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating artistic legacy of Barbara Hepworth, our 14th collection is a celebration of her Cornish studio’s enchanting atmosphere and her exploration of organic forms and nature in her sculptural work. The sun-bleached palette draws from the buttery tones and subtle hints of blush in the coats adorning her studio. Lush blues and greens reflect the sky and foliage, which serves as a backdrop to her sculptures, while pale stone and soft earth tones echo the natural hues in her art—the studio’s garden’s winding path echos in our squiggle jacquard knit.

As our imagination led us down this garden path, we envisioned whimsy, nostalgia, joy, and movement intertwining with the botanical elements. We collaborated with the talented artist Steven Fritters to bring this vision to life. Fritters’ playful and illustrative characters beautifully complemented Hepworth’s abstract shapes and forms, merging their unique artistic approaches and enhancing the comforting streetwear style of Main Story.

Gazing at one of Hepworth’s sculptured works, we may discern a group of people, their forms assembled through manipulating shapes. This idea finds expression in our campaign shoot, where seven kids form a lively queue, each marching to the beat of their own drum, showcasing their remarkable individuality.