Collection Statement

Everything is moving even when it appears to be standing still. The waters move sands and stones and they’re themselves in an endless circle, shifting their weights. When the sea is calm, it still makes a sound. The moon is moving and the waters are following. A solstice follows an equinox that follows a solstice. Blue and earthy tones, silhouettes for every weather, seasons are ideas that not necessarily apply to reality. Patchworks, handmade details, woven motifs. The themes are always the same, the exploration and its findings bring new perspectives and points of view. Although everything repeats itself, like in a chinese whispers game, everything ends up slightly different.

About the Brand

“There is a culture behind it. It’s about belonging to a gang, a lifestyle or a tribe. When you see County of Milan, you recognize that it’s connected to something more.” – Marcelo Burlon


“Like a modern-day Evita, Marcelo Burlon is an Argentinian sensation whose democratic approach to fashion has conquered new generations on his very own rainbow tour of the social-media era. Moving with his parents to Porto Potenza Picena in Italy at 14, he would become a notorious club kid in Rimini. That was until a career organizing events for major fashion houses and DJ-ing relocated him to Milan and paved the way for the launch of his streetwear brand Marcelo Burlon County of Milan in 2012. Five years on, he has become a fan phenomenon in Italy and beyond, and the poster boy for a new wave of fashion entrepreneurs who are set on challenging the fusty industry establishment.” – Anders Christian Madsen