Modern Day Poetry SS24

Summer Season 2024

Collection Statement

Kids’ laughter and a profound love for nature inspire our Modern Day Poetry collection. In a hectic world, our kids – just as poets – invite us to pause, listen, and attune our senses to the enchanting symphony of the natural world. Surrounded by nature and caressed by a gentle summer breeze, kids run free and play carelessly throughout the summer. They remind us that amidst our everyday frenzy, there is beauty, grace and poetry to be found.


Just as a poet listens to earth’s music, we adjust to the needs of both children and the planet in the making of our Spring | Summer 2024 collection. Rich in sustainable natural qualities, the collection exudes soft luxury and guarantees comfortable and timeless wear.


Materials consist of a harmonious fusion of signature silk seamless, GOTS certified organic cotton, a sumptuous silk-cashmere blend, and a lightweight wool-silk blend. Completing our collection are the Swiss made knits, expertly crafted with precision and attention to detail. Embracing the beauty of nature, our qualities are cultivated without harmful chemicals, ensuring a gentle touch on both skin and the environment.


Colours evoke our natural playground with clearwater blue, dark cacao brown, pear sorbet and various shades of creams. Vibrant petals of the wildflower field inspire shades of green, rose and radiant poppy red.

In the realm of modern day poetry, we invite you to observe and appreciate the collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Each piece in this collection tells a story of dedication to sustainability and an unwavering commitment to creating garments that not only make you and your child look beautiful but also feel good about your choices.


Enjoy! Maja.