Collection Statement

The Moschino Baby Kid Teen 2024 Spring/Summer collection is full of love: the heart symbol, one of the characteristic visual codes of the maison, finds its full expression in the summer season. For girls, this element becomes a slogan: “In Love We Trust” and is shown on shirts, dresses, and biker jackets where white and black, the two colors that have always distinguished Moschino, are the protagonists. A selection of satin dresses, denim pieces, sweatshirts, and t-shirts are embellished with signature golden studs that recreate the Moschino logo and the outline of the iconic Moschino Teddy Bear. The unmistakable Moschino teddy bear is indeed the perfect ally for the little ones’ looks: on the garments, it first wears heart-shaped oversized sunglasses and then becomes the friend who jumps and performs acrobatics in full parkour style.


For boys, the collection lights up with a broader color palette, ranging from various shades of beige to bolder colors like green presented in the form of a fun sketch effect on t-shirts, shirts, and pants. In the “Moschino Logo” proposal, the all-over logo print entirely covers the garments and accessories in monochromatic colors: pink, denim, chocolate, and black. Finally, the mini-me capsule, in the 40th anniversary of the maison, pays tribute to the symbols, slogans, and emblematic colors of the Moschino archive. The capsule develops on the chromatic contrast between black and white: a question mark becomes the decorative element of dress collars, jackets, and knitwear; the exclamation point and the chessboard expand the graphic proposal of the collection. Finally, the irony factor is presented through wordplay with the slogans “Be Simple” and “Ready to Where?”.


A “100% pure Moschino” collection.

About the Brand

Starting from the Autumn/Winter 2023 season, Moschino S.p.A. and Altana S.r.l. will merge into Moschino Kids S.r.l.


The new subsidiary will create and manufacture the Moschino Baby Kid Teen clothing line featuring a new

and even more contemporary look.


The footwear collection continues its license agreement with Montelpare S.p.A.

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