Collection Statement

The N°21 Kids crew is preparing for a new summer… full of joy, carefreeness, and friendship. The brand’s young fans immerse themselves in a tropical adventure, without forgetting their urban-chic spirit.

The girls’ wardrobe is colorful, fun, but also tinged with a bon-ton mood because elegance never goes on holiday! The graphic pineapple prints of dresses and pajama-like sets has an energizing vibe, which is also emphasized by the multicolored crochet-style knitwear.


Sporty and enterprising, the N°21 Kids boys dream of sunny beaches on the islands of Hawaii where they can surf and play with their friends in freedom.

An allover palm print, – already used by the brand in its adult collection for a real “mini-me” effect, – enriches sweatshirts, Bermuda shorts and bowling shirts, while the N°21 logo with a distressed effect peeps out on college uniform-style suits.

About the Brand

In November 2018, N°21 fashion brand created and directed by Alessandro Dell’Acqua, and Brave Kid, announced the signing of a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement for the creation of the N°21 children’s line.

For this undertaking, the Italian brand envisioned a “mini me” inflection of its ready-to-wear collections. In particular, its grownup aesthetic takes on a child-friendly connotation, all while maintaining and strengthening the brand’s DNA, namely, N°21’s signature use of unusual material mixes and fusion of masculine/feminine elements. At the same time, all items meet the needs of comfort and wearability, which are typical of kids’ clothing.

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