Collection Statement

What makes each PèPè Children Shoes collection truly special is the incredible creativity that shines through in each model and is told in the FW23 shots, through unique stories starring the refined details and eye-catching patterns of the season’s footwear.

About the Brand

The brand’s history dates back to the post-war years when it took its first steps in the framework of the Footwear Company PUPA, later renamed M.A.C.I., one of the foremost industrial hubs of the town of Vigevano, at that time the European shoe capital. Determined to create and produce a range of shoes for newborns, in 1966 the founder, Erideno Pizzetti, registered the trademark “PèPè”, inspired to the onomatopoeic word commonly used by children to designate shoes. In the 1970s, he set up a new, independent family-run, handicraft-oriented business, “Calzaturificio PèPè”, and committed all his energy and effort to making premium children’s footwear, ranging from newborn shoes to home and kindergarten slippers. As the Eighties approached, Dario joined the company and began supporting his father with two ambitious goals in mind: producing shoes 100% on site and broadening the design range. Towards the late Nineties, Dario’s wife Paola joined the company. It was the time when the first “collections” were presented and the current identity of Pèpè, hand-made children’s footwear, began to take shape. Iconic and refined, a benchmark of Italian craftsmanship, PèPè-branded shoes won international reputation.

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