Better Together

Summer Season 2024

Collection Statement

Hey you, sweet and quirky friend
we are better together, we are all one
a colourful heart and with open arms
let’s climb a tree and see the bright sun
be part of the big loving family telling stories and playing around
me, you, together, having lots of fun


This season we’re excited to announce our very first capsule collection… A sporty clothing line!
It will be all about forming a team, being all one. We are better together!


About the Brand



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Sticky Lemon is a Dutch kids label, founded in 2016. It’s for little and bigger ones with an outspoken taste in the way they look. It’s quirky, colourful, bold and sunny.

Sticky Lemon enjoys to experiment with renewed colour combinations and wink to the retro times. The collections themselves are like little stories about going to school and just have lots of fun. A range of backpacks and accessories like socks and caps to make the stories complete. Sticky Lemon just wants to see these quirky folks have the most colourful and sporty times.

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