The Life Aquatic

Summer Season 2024

Collection Statement

The bonniemob are dreaming of those lazy carefree days spent poolside or on the beach! Where the beach huts are painted in bright sun bleached hues and colourful parasols dot the sandy shoreline. They love noything more than chilling out watching the graceful movements of the waves or  searching for sea creatures in their enchanting underwater world. Everything from the collection is bathed in a sun kissed colour palette that evokes the warm embrace of summer…

About the Brand


Wholesale Buyer: Gareth Griffiths
Press: Tracey

The bonniemob is a sustainable baby and children’s clothing brand from the UK, specialising in knitwear and jersey wear, everything they make is super soft and durable. Designer Tracey is a self confessed Knit geek, with many years experience designing for womenswear fashion brands. As Knitwear experts, they only use fully fashioned knitting machines to craft their beautiful knits, each piece is knitted to shape, eliminating any cutting and throwing away of precious yarns.

The bonniemob are a proud GOTS certified brand, working only with GOTS certified partners on every level of their supply chain. GOTS certification ensures that they adhere to the strict rules of the Global Organic Textile Standard, giving an extra level of trust in these days of ‘greenwashing’. Using only sustainable GOTS organic or recycled materials, which have a lower impact on nature, are kind to human health and reduce water consumption. Their clothes are free from dangerous chemicals that can harm fragile skin and pollute the environment. The brand are fully committed  to a better more sustainable clothing future.

The clothes are always designed with sustainability and longevity in mind.

They live by the motto BUY ONCE, BUY WELL, PASS IT ON, loving nothing more than to see a 2nd, 3rd or 4th sibling wearing the clothes bought for the 1st. A true testament to their quality.