Collection Statement

Step into The Tea Club’s debut collection – Soirée, an enchanting ensemble inspired by the joyful delights of a whimsical tea soiree. This collection of wooden treasures invites you into a world where playful shapes and vibrant colours evoke the sweetness of delightful treats. While reminiscent of a tea soiree’s delights, these toys transcend their appearances. From cupcake stacking wonders in blueberry, sour cherry, and pistachio hues to chocolate wooden blocks featuring milk, raspberry, and matcha tones, alongside Dolcetto teethers shaped like candy, pretzels, and popsicles, each toy sparks boundless imagination and creative exploration. Beyond their confectionery appearance, these whimsical companions are versatile, open-ended playthings. They serve as catalysts for imaginative worlds, encouraging diverse play scenarios limited only by a child’s creativity. Embrace The Tea Club and immerse yourself in a world where every toy is a delightful invitation to boundless play and imagination!