Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Summer Season 2024

Collection Statement

Imagine a place so pristine, with clean air and crystal-clear waters. A place surrounded by nature in its most pure and beautiful form. Castine’s imagination leads us through this nature-inspired Spring Summer 2024 collection, where we can envision ourselves in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, a realm we have created in our hearts and minds.

Tia’s constant search for creative ingenuity has been an influence on her young family. As Castine and Archie witness their mother’s evolution while creating each new collection, they are also immersed and find themselves subconsciously taking part and influencing Tia with their own imaginative ideas. As they explore with her, their innocent doodling sneaks its way into the collection and surprises and delights not just them but the TiA CiBANi audience as well.

Nature’s diverse elements of flora, fauna, and aquatic life have laid the foundation of the breezy color palette in BAY blue, KELP green and a sunny SUBMARINE yellow. CONCH orange, URCHIN magenta and SHRIMP pink compliment while DOLPHIN blue, TURTLE green and STARFISH coral accent and further define the main colors.

Layered textures of crisp cotton tarp and peached cotton twill create subtle variations in a contrasting palette as color coded pockets play off one another in classic fishing expedition style. Laundered seersucker, embroidered white work and classic cotton poplin juxtapose one another in a medley of flower petals patchwork and sailor collar necklines. Reimagined sailor stripes appear weathered and broken in the season’s signature print, Rainbow Rain. Taking inspiration from the works of French artist Daniel Buren’s larger than life creations, a seeming passage through layers upon layers of bold stripes that transport you to this magical imaginary land.

Accessories set sail utilizing ropes and colorful hardware spontaneously twisted and knotted in the most graceful applications. Crochet headbands and beret hats top off the collection in complete harmony.

As Castine dreams of making her mark on a healthier and happier world, Tia takes inspiration and carries us there through her imagination of, yet another collection filled with color, fantasy, and hope.

About the Brand

The first TiA CiBANi collection was created on a whim, when a longtime supporter of designer Tia Cibani asked her to create a children’s collection using fabric from her namesake women’s line. For the purpose Tia delved into the colorful, artistic and tactile; choosing bold colors and crisp fabrics that have become the mainstays of each KiDS collection ever since.

Having led the Creative Direction of Ports 1961 for several years, Tia is an industry veteran in designer women’s wear. She applies her deep knowledge of high craftsmanship to her current work making for heirloom quality children’s wear.

Tia believes that good design should be inventive, uplifting and functional! She draws inspiration from her North African heritage and the world in which we live, making for a juxtaposition of poetic charm and modern day pragmatism. Textiles are Tia’s first love as a fashion designer. Each season presents a myriad of textures in cotton, wool, silk and linen cloths researched and developed in collaboration with artisans and reputable mills.

Catering to boys and girls from baby to age 16, the collection speaks to the joy of childhood with designs that are unique and imaginative. Highlights of the collection include exquisite accessories as well as the Mommy+Me pairings.

From its New York City origins, TiA CiBANi has built a global following, and is sold in exclusive boutiques worldwide. Tia and her young family currently live in the beautiful countryside of New York state. Motivated by the serene setting, and by her colonial-era light-filled studio, Tia leads a closely-knit team impassioned by the promise of good design.