Collection Statement

This autumn in Ireland, we were blessed with a bountiful mushroom harvest, sparking a profound inspiration for our upcoming autumn/winter collection. The allure of mushrooms and their enchanting ecosystem left me captivated. The array of colours, shapes, and textures found in nature’s delicate creations motivated me to delve deeper into this world, knowing it was the perfect muse for UPA’s new collection.

Embarking on several mushroom-hunting expeditions, I returned home brimming with enthusiasm and bags full of prized porcini mushrooms. Thus, the mesmerizing world of mushrooms became the heart of our creative vision.

For the foundation of this collection, we welcome new greens reminiscent of lush forest landscapes, evoking the magical aura of mushrooms. Delving into fabric manipulations, we aimed to translate the captivating textures of mushrooms into our designs.

Amidst this creative journey, linen fabric proved to be a versatile canvas, allowing us to infuse it with a touch of novelty. Produced in my beloved home country, Lithuania, linen takes centre stage in our designs. We take delight in showcasing linen in a fresh light, with a hint of edginess and playful charm.

This season, we invite you to explore the captivating world of mushrooms through our thoughtfully crafted “Mushrooms” Collection. Embark on a fashion journey that celebrates the harmonious blend of nature’s wonders with contemporary artistry.

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UPA, a convergence of art and fashion encapsulated by the tagline “where fashion meets art.” UPA’s origin is rooted in Lithuania and Ireland, the project is dedicated to celebrating daughters worldwide.

Delve into the essence of UPA, where narratives and designs intertwine seamlessly. Stories often serve as the catalyst for designs, fostering a distinct and compelling connection. UPA’s purpose transcends mere clothing, fostering a community that unites conscious parents and children through personalized style, all within the realm of visual arts.

UPA extends an open invitation for children to embark on an immersive journey. Likewise, parents are invited to embrace new outlooks, intelligent choices, and the camaraderie of kindred spirits.